RangeMe Premium

September 1, 2020, 2021



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RangeMe is a network that allows you to present your brand to buyers in the United-States
Showcase your products to thousands of buyers
Brand Profile
Build visibility with leading retailers by highlighting key brand information that buyers look for.
Product Pages
Customize product pages to show buyers essential product and company details like MSRP, price margins, packaging dimensions, and more.
Profile Sharing
Share your brand profile with buyers on and off of RangeMe and track engagement.
Make informed business decisions
Industry Insights
See what product details are driving buyer engagement, such as MSRP, margin, certifications, and popular search terms.
Profile Analytics
Track your brand's performance, learn which retailers are viewing your brand, and see which products are receiving the most attention.
Sharing Analytics
Track visits, clicks, and messages from buyers you have shared your profile with.
Submit your brand directly to retailers
Retailer Submissions
Build brand awareness and new relationships with buyers by directly submitting your brand to select retailers.
Category Review Alerts
Get notifications of when to submit your brand to retailers whose buyers are actively reviewing products in your category.
Submission Messages
Help your brand stand out and create a personal connection by adding a custom message when you submit your brand.


Gain up to 7x more buyer visibility with RangeMe Verified
Retail Readiness
Get RangeMe Verified™ by meeting the minimum requirements to work with retailers, such as having insurance and barcodes..
Prioritized Placement
Increase visibility by appearing above non-verified brands on buyer search results.
Verified Badge
Instantly let buyers know you're retail ready with the RangeMe Verified™ badge.

Financial assistance

Subsidies have been applied to this activity for the members of the Agri-food Export Group. The following price is therefore the balance, to pay entirely. 

The subsidized subscription to RangeMe Premium is valid for one year from the date of activation.
RangeMe account (free) is required prior to Premium activation. 

Limit subscription date :

September 01, 2021
  • Member price - First activation of RangeMe Premium (350,00 $)
  • Non-member price - First activation of RangeMe Premium (830,00 $)
  • Member price - Has activated RangeMe Premium in the past (925,00 $)

Coordinator / contact

Audrey-Eve Neron


T 450-649-6266 | 1-800-563-9767 ext: 205