PLMA Live! - Private Label Week

February 1 - 5, 2021

A PLMA digital experience

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PLMA Live! presents Private Label Week, a unique digital event featuring category trade shows that will enable retailers and visitors to search for products and network live with exhibitors using exclusive video and a suite of business communication tools. Participants may exchange virtual business cards and other company information, including video and social media links. Brought to you by the Private Label Manufacturers Association, the event will kick-off February 1–5, 2021. 

All registrants can watch new programming each day consisting of video reports on major retailing and product trends, together with category-specific content, interviews with industry leaders, and a special series of presentations by top speakers and private label experts all while sitting at your desk with a computer or laptop. To make the week effective for buyers and suppliers, PLMA will run a series of digital trade shows based on the following schedule:

  • Feburary 1-2 : Home & Household Products
  • Feburary 2-3 : Beverages & Center Store Foods
  • Feburary 3-4 : Health & Beauty and OTC Pharmaceuticals
  • Feburary 4-5 : Fresh, Frozen & Refrigerated Foods
  • Feburary 5 : Special show day 

Exhibitors may select up to two events, eligibility permitting. PLMA Live! category-specific video content will be prominently featured on the digital platform.


Online access

Registered exhibitors will receive usernames and passwords to access the digital platform, set-up their digital booth, and to participate in the event. Log-in credentials will be provided along with booth set-up instructions, use of video call features, and managing your digital booth personnel. Company personnel are required to staff their digital booth during regular business hours of their selected category trade show event. Exhibitors must promptly respond to e-mail messages and live video calls included in a suite of business communications tools and reply to those visitors that submit virtual business cards to the booth.

At the conclusion of Private Label Week, your digital exhibit will be made available to visitors for up to 90 days. Although the video calling and private chat features will be disabled at the conclusion of the event, e-mail messaging will continue to function and you will be immediately notified of any virtual business cards that are submitted.


Booth Visits

A list of registered visitors will be available prior to the event. Visitors will be assigned digital badges so that exhibitors will know who is communicating with them using private chat and video calling features. At the conclusion of the Show, exhibitors will receive a complete list of all visitors who logged into the Show, a compilation of virtual business cards left in the booth and a list of visitors that used the video calling and chat box system to contact you.


Digital Booth Operations

The set-up period for your digital booth will begin shortly after your registration is processed and booth information may be updated as permitted in a timely manner. Digital booths consist of company profiles and logo, product descriptions, one featured product photo and up to three additional product photos, and other sales materials such as brochures and press releases may be included. Up to two company personnel may be active within the digital booth at the same time. During the digital booth set-up period, up to six company personnel may be listed to staff the online booth at no additional cost. Exhibitors will have the opportunity to save the progress of their digital booth set-up to finish at a later date before a final submission. Once submitted, PLMA will contact you to set-up a date and time to test your digital booth prior to launch. All content uploaded to your digital booth will be reviewed for approval by PLMA Show Management.

Video communications will be a featured component of your online booth. Other visitors will not have access to conversations and do not know who else is communicating with the exhibitor.


Financial assistance for exhibitors

Subsidies have been applied to this activity. The following price is therefore the balance, to pay entirely. 

By registering for this event, you agree to complete an activity report which will be sent to you later. The data collected will have the sole objective of assessing the economic impact of this activity.


* Only the following categories can be subsidized : Beverages & Center Store Foods ; Fresh, frozen & Refrigerated

Limit subscription date :

January 12, 2021The registration deadline is exceeded
  • Member of the PLMA - Beverages & Center Store Foods (550,00 $)
  • Member of the PLMA - Fresh, frozen & Refrigerated (550,00 $)
  • Member of the PLMA - Multiple Category Show* (850,00 $)
  • Non member of the PLMA - Beverages & Center Store Foods (1 460,00 $)
  • Non member of the PLMA - Fresh, frozen & Refrigerated (1 460,00 $)
  • Non member of the PLMA - Multiple Category Show* (1 770,00 $)

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Coordinator / contact

Audrey-Eve Neron

T 450-649-6266 ext: 205