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Québec International

Person(s) in charge

Mrs Sandra Hardy shardy@quebecinternational.ca - Food and Nutrition Director, Health Food Niche of Excellence

Mrs Margarita Motta mmotta@quebecinternational.ca - Export commissioner

Mr. Guillaume Blanchard gblanchard@quebecinternational.ca - Export advisor

1175, rue de Lavigerie
Québec, G1V 4P1


mmotta@quebecinternational.ca www.quebecinternational.ca

The organization manages the activities and projects of the Health Food Consortium, a group of food processing companies motivated to develop and commercialize healthier food offerings worldwide.

Business Type
economic development organization

Exported Products
Commerce International Québec focuses on the development of high growth sectors in the regional economy, such as supporting projects that encourage the development of niche industries such as the health food expertise of the Québec City metropolitan region, and work to enhance the region’s international reach.

Current Foreign Market
Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, Americas

Current Customers
agents, distributors, wholesalers, institutions, supermarkets, food processors

Trade Relations Sought
distributors, under licence - joint venture manufacturing, wholesalers, institutions, manufacturers, supermarkets, technology