Our Services

Advisory Service on Regulations and Labelling

This service simplifies, accelerates and ensures access for your products to international markets. We verify the compliance of your labels, from the list of ingredients to nutritional value, with knowledge of the applicable standards in the destination country.


Shipping (Small Parcels and Documents)

We work with with different suppliers to ship small parcels (under 150 lbs) and documents to all destinations. This service is fast and efficient at very competitive prices.


Trade Shows

The Group offers a turnkey solution to its members exporting outside of Québec and abroad. All you do is reserve your space: our expert staff does the rest..



Specialized courses, expert speakers, luncheon meetings on various export-related subjects. Just starting out? Or looking for more advanced knowledge? Take advantage of these activities. 


Trade Missions and Buyer Meetings

Trade missions in your product category. Appointments are set up and you are accompanied by a market specialist from the Group.

Qualified buyers who are looking for what you’re selling. Buyers and manufacturers know who they’re meeting in advance. The objective: close the sale.


ECRM Business Events

ECRM® has redefined the business meeting, with a solution that gathers manufacturers and buyers at B2B events. ECRM®’s Market Gate Application Suite™ is internet-based software that allows participants to set up meetings based on their targeted needs. The resulting private one-on-one meetings are held in a structured and user-friendly environment..