Ms. Isabelle Meunier

Production Manager

Ms. Laura Mammarella

Executive Director

9075 rue Champ d'Eau
Montréal, H1P 3M3
Québec, Canada

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T. 514-312-1914

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Toque & Tablier is a company which handcrafts delicious fruit cakes. Our product line is made with the finest natural ingredients. Perfect for all gourmets in search of gastronomic novelties. The company started in 2009 with the baking of the Le Distingué fruit cake, a family recipe since many years. Following the popularity of the Distingue, the owners have since worked on the development of an ambitious collection of cakes, marrying flavors and unusual ingredients. Once baked, every cake is matured in alcohol for at least 30 days. Our cakes have no expiration date even though no preservatives are added. We carefully control the level of acidity and sugar so they can be preserved at room temperature, in a cool, dry place.

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Fruitcakes (different flavors)