Agri-Marketing Program (AAFC)

With a partnership of over 25 years, the Export Group and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) work together to offer tools that accelerate the internationalization and diversification of exports.

Agri-Food Export Group is a recipient of the Agri-Marketing Program (AAFC), national industry association component, put forward by the federal ministry. This fund supports the Export Group in organizing activities that allow member companies to be in contact with foreign buyers and develop new skills related to the development of new markets.

Training, trade shows and online visibility of the Export Group member directory are activities funded in part by the federal government. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada thus provides assistance to Quebec exporters of bio-food products through more than 20 activities on foreign markets, ten training courses and many other activities to consult online.

Thanks to its partners, the Export Group facilitates access to foreign markets for local businesses. Year after year, more than 200 people come to perfect their knowledge with us and more than 200 companies exhibit on foreign markets. For more details, please see our annual report.

Companies with individual export plans outside of Canada are encouraged to inquire about the CanExport SMEs program. We are forwarding a link to the Applicant's Guide, allowing companies easy access to program details.
This program is dedicated to SMEs operating in the agriculture, agri-food and seafood sectors, which have fewer than 500 employees and whose annual sales do not exceed $ 100 million.