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Person(s) in charge

Mr. George Typaldos george@elimelfoods.com - President

12102 Letellier
Montréal, H3M 3A1


george@elimelfoods.com www.elimelfoods.com

Elimel Foods founder, George Typaldos, has experienced all facets of the retail food industry (value-chain throughout his career). From managing fruit stores and gourmet boutiques in his younger days, being involved in mass production plants, to finally brokering dozens of sizable transactions throughout the United States and Canada. This eclectic, yet focused, set of experiences allows Elimel to be able to offer a truly complete service with insight available from all angles. With a vast network, stretching to virtually all major chains in the United States, Elimel Foods is the first step to taking your business to the next level.

Business Type

Exported Products
Perishable food such as meat, cheese and deli

Current Foreign Market
Canada, Europe, United States, Mexico

Targeted Market
Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, Americas

Current Customers
Agents, retailers, distributors, exporters, Wholesalers, hotels, importers, producers, restaurants, alliance opportunity, manufacturers, e-commerce, under licence - joint venture manufacturing

Trade Relations Sought
Strategic alliances, distributors, under licence - joint venture manufacturing, wholesalers, institutions, manufacturers, retailers, trading houses, Agents, importers, producers, exporters, e-commerce