ZENiTH Program

ZENiTH Program | Export Diversification and Advisory Program

The Export Group offers a unique advisory program that aims to validate the company's potential in various promising markets and to work on an international development strategy with recognized experts. 

A progressive field approach to avoid errors and reduce risks and expenses ensuring a better return on investment. 

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ZENiTH Program | A turnkey internationalization process in 4 phases

An efficient solution based on a precise analysis approach combined with a proven methodology, Zenith is a program divided into four phases allowing business development from Quebec for close contact with the target market without even travelling. 


Phase 1 | Market Overview 

Compilation of quality information on a given market allowing the company to refine its export plan, demystify the market structure and quickly assess its potential in it. 


Phase 2 | Specific Market Study 

Direct evaluation of the potential of the company's products in a specific market and precise identification of opportunities and threats, market access conditions, the state of competition and more. 


Phase 3 | Market Development Strategy 

Validation of the product offer on the market, modeling of the delivered price and production of an operational implementation plan and an enriched commercial development strategy. 


Phase 4 | Partner Selection and Meeting 

Implementation of the strategy with a list of rigorously selected potential partners, carefully developed negotiation lines and support for meetings. 


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This program is made possible with the participation of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and the Quebec Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food. 

For full details, see the official program brochure.


Information :  

Audrey-Čve Néron 
Senior Export Advisor                                     
450 649-6266, ext 205