Mr. Claude Trottier


Mr. Bruno Giuliani

Vice-President, Sales and Marketing

Mrs Brigitte St-Julien

Director, Market Development

M. Wilkins

Pascal Lafrenière

P.L. Fiset

Mrs. Pascale Samoisette

J Gagné

Mrs. Brigitte St-Julien

Mrs. Justine Hamelin

Isabel Seers

40, Chemin du Centre
Knowlton, J0E 1V0
Québec, Canada

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T. 450-242-3825

F. 450-243-0497

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Founded in 1912 and world-renowned for the quality of its breed, Brome Lake Ducks stands alone due to its originality in bringing to market its exclusive line of duck products.

Exported products

whole ducks, duck parts (boneless duck breasts, legs, wings); full line of value added products (confits, sausages, pot pie, duck roast, honey Dijon seasoned duck breast, rendered fat)