Whether on a regular or more occasional basis, our Logistics and Transport team is available to support you throughout your shipping processes. 

Our experts’ extensive knowledge, combined with our vast network of contacts, allows us to assist you at different levels in the export of your products, regardless of the destination.

Novia: Shipping of parcels and documents

In order to ship your parcels and documents with ease, Group Export provides its members with an exclusive online multi-carrier platform: Novia, which meets the specific needs of Quebec’s agri-food companies.

This platform, reserved only for Group Export’s members, allows to send shipments throughout the world with greater autonomy and independence.

The Logistics and Transport team is also there to offer you a personalized and centralized customer service, regardless of the carrier used. We take care of many of the steps following the shipment as well as the contacts you would normally have with each carrier. And all of this, while passing on considerable savings to you.

Customs regulations

Constantly on the lookout for all customs-related details, our team will guide you in your search for information on a wide range of topics, including the required documentation and foreign country regulations, etc.

As the regulatory aspects of customs can be numerous and overwhelming, our advisors provide you with a range of indispensable tools to make your export experience simple and profitable.

The Group Export also offers training seminars on various topics related to logistics, customs and transportation. For example, one of the webinars that is presented quite frequently is: “The Basics of U.S. Customs”. Consult our trainings’ calendar to find out about the training sessions offered.

Freight consolidation service

During a trade show attended by its members, the Group Export takes charge of shipping the exhibitors’ products from their warehouse to their booth, through its consolidation service.

Whether by land or air, in Canada, in the United States or anywhere else in the world, our team ensures that the requirements of the trade show organizers are met so that your products are waiting for you upon arrival.

This goods consolidation service is offered for your peace of mind, so that you can concentrate on the other aspects of participating in a trade show. In addition, you will benefit from substantial savings on transportation costs.

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By land or air, no matter where the event takes place, our team makes sure that your products are waiting for you at your booth, upon arrival.

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