When the Group Export organizes the participation of its members in a trade show, it also takes care of shipping their products from their warehouse to their exhibition booth.

Whether by land or air, in Canada, the United States or anywhere else in the world, our team ensures that the requirements of the trade show organizers are met so that your products are waiting for you at your booth upon your arrival.

Strength in numbers, a major asset

By consolidating exhibitors’ goods for a trade show in grouped shipments, the Group Export negotiates volume discounts with carriers, for the benefit of participating companies.

Group Export also manages the entire logistics of the operation and assists you in demystifying the customs requirements of the destination countries and the required documentation for a simple and efficient process.

Group Export takes care of shipping your products

Even when it comes to samples, there are steps to follow to get your products to their destination, and even more so when customs must be cleared. The Group Export assists you step by step with this process, taking care of several elements:

  1. Taking charge of the contacts with the official agent mandated by the trade show, the dates and requirements as well as the required forms
  2. Negotiating rates with the carriers
  3. Relaying to the participating companies the requirements of the exhibition’s official agent as well as the customs and documentary requirements of the destination country
  4. Obtain approval of the required customs documentation from the overseas agent
  5. Collecting goods and follow-up with participating companies
  6. Support throughout the transport process
For your peace of mind, we support your efforts!
Membership benefits

Get financial assistance for consolidation

Companies participating in consolidations can receive financial assistance for up to 75% of eligible expenses.

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Facilitate your other shipments as well

The Novia platform, exclusive to Group Export's members, helps you manage all your other shipments so you can benefit from substantial savings.

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