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Mr. Gregg Thomassin


Mr. Stephane Koeman

Vice-President - Sales

Mrs. Catherine Gagnon

Vice-President Marketing

Mr. Jacques Plante

Chief Financial Officer

Mrs. Liette Gauthier

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1875 rue Bercy
Montréal, H2K 2T9
Québec, Canada

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T. 514-232-6553
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Wong Wing's impressive array of delicious Chinese dishes brings great taste and easy-to-make dinner options to your table. Each Wong Wing product is prepared from traditional recipes and made with the highest-quality ingredients. Our egg roll dough is based on a Cantonese recipe, our chicken entrees feature all-white-meat chicken breast, and thanks to special controlled-temperature storage, our cabbage is fresh all year long.

Exported products

Frozen Asian snacks & appetizers including: Egg Rolls, Spring Rolls, Mini Spring Rolls, Dumplings, Potstickers, Chicken bites, Won tons, asian party packs | Frozen Asian dinners and entrees | Frozen Soups including Won Ton | Frozen egg roll and won ton covers/dough