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Mrs Julie Nicols


189, rue de la Rocque
Mont St-Hilaire, J3H 4C7
Québec, Canada

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T. 450-714-1007

F. 450-813-3048

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Our products are grown in Quebec (June to November) and in United States, in Panama and in Spain (December to May) in fields and/or greenhouses, in accordance with the Canada GAP standards and under the watchful eye of our technical team.

Exported products

Available products: napa (Chinese and Korean), Asian radishes (Chinese, Korean and Japanese), Chinese lettuce, onions (green onions and Spanish onions), eggplant (Chinese and Japanese), crown broccoli, bok choy (mini and standard-sized cabbages), bitter gourd, Korean melon, long beans, flat cabbage, Kabocha squash, celery, peppers, green zucchini, jumbo carrot, fresh cranberries, strawberries, kale, green cabbage, cranberry and flat beans, kohlrabi, garlic, garlic flower