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Érablière Escuminac

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Mr. Martin Malenfant


14-A de l'Église
Sainte-Rita, G0L 4G0
Québec, Canada

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T. 418-963-5000

F. 418-963-1455

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100% pure organic maple syrup, single forest, unblended, produced and bottled by Martin Malenfant (over 30 years of making maple syrup). Our handcraft syrups are pure, organic, made in respect of nature, with traceability and a huge "terroir" effect. The centuries-old hillside forest is located in Gaspésie near the Atlantic Ocean. It benefits from a unique climate and terroir (sedimentary rock and seashells). The salt air from the sea, its terroir and its micro-climate make it one of the best places in the world for maple syrup production Juste like Burgundy, for wine! Escuminac counts 65,000 taps located in Baie-des-Chaleurs, Gaspésie (Quebec, Canada).

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