Food labelling holds no secrets for our Labelling and Regulation Advisory Services’ team. Whether for a product launch, a recipe modification or the introduction to a new market, the Group Export unravels Canadian and American food regulations for you.

Regulatory requirements related to food labelling in Canada and the United States are numerous and mandatory. Develop your products and be compliant by consulting our experts!

Flexible services in food regulation 

Whether for a nutritional table update or the complete review of a line of packaging, our experts aim to suit to your needs by offering a wide range of services:

  • Food label compliance reviews
  • Development of nutrition facts tables
  • Validation and development of ingredient lists
  • Verification or proposal of nutritional, functional and other claims
  • Regulatory advisory services
  • Evaluation of the front-of-package nutritional symbol

Our team of consultants is available to assist you. They have relevant experience and the required and up-to-date knowledge in this field, which is in constant evolution. It is important to be able to rely on current information because many issues are based on the labelling and packaging of food products.

Exporting and regulations go hand in hand  

Our Labelling and Regulation Advisory Service helps you comply with the many and inevitable regulatory requirements, whether they are related to the labelling, the list of ingredients or nutritional values or the claims on the packaging of your food products, in Canada and the United States.

Our advisors stay abreast of the Canadian and U.S. markets’ requirements to help companies comply with current food labelling standards. Our team makes it a point to inform you as quickly as possible of new regulations or changes through its many communication channels; you will always be well informed!

Versatile labelling expertise

The proven expertise of our regulatory affairs specialists allows us to make recommendations regarding a variety of food categories:Food and beverages of all types:

  • Niche products
  • Shipping containers
  • Meat products
    • Verification of qualification for generic approval
    • USDA label approval when required

We verify the conformity of your labels, from the list of ingredients to the nutritional values, considering the standards in effect in the destination country.

With a mission focused on exportation, Group Export offers reliable services that simplify, accelerate and ensure access to international markets for your products.


The association is expanding its Labeling and Regulation Advisory Service on a larger scale. In addition to the Canadian and American markets, the Export Group is now able to guide you in ensuring the compliance of your food labels in more than 80 countries; a step further in supporting agri-food exporters in food labeling. This service is made possible through a partnership with external consultants in the field. Among the destinations covered by this extended service, notable ones include France, Mexico, Germany, the United Kingdom, and India.

Companies utilizing this service will be entitled to a government grant from the ministère de l’Agriculture, des Pêcheries et de l’Alimentation du Québec applied directly to their invoice (some conditions apply).

Training options available to meet the needs of your organization

Register yourself, or your colleagues, for one or more modules on labeling provided by the trainers Julie Langlois, Director of Labeling and Regulation, and Denitsa Dimova, Advisor in Labeling and Regulation at the Agri-Food Export Group.

For details on these training sessions offered by the Labeling and Regulation department, please visit the Training & Networking page.

You have the option to arrange a tailored training session with the Labeling and Regulation department of the Export Group for your company or organization members. For further details on this, kindly reach out to Julie Langlois via email at to request a quote.

Comply with the requirements with the help of our experts


Following the review of the packaging, obtain a report indicating the recommended corrective actions to comply with the regulations of the target market. The service includes a second review following the suggested corrections.


From your recipe or based on a certificate of analysis, obtain the nutritional profile of your product. This service includes the calculation of the available display surface of the package as well as the confirmation of the appropriate table format.


From your recipe and the technical data sheets of your ingredients, obtain a proposal for an ingredient list that complies with current requirements. Our team can also adapt an existing list to the standards of the American market.


Based on the information given about your product, our experts can provide you with information on the selection of claims and statements that can be displayed on your packaging.


Whether for a consultation or to validate a particular element, our experts will support you. For more information:

To better understand the regulations

Attend our training sessions on various topics related to food regulation and labelling.

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Profitable rates

While the services are offered to all agri-food companies, Group Export members benefit from preferential rates.

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